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Yoga with Keri~Ann
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Yoga for the Military 

Yoga Warrior Challenge
Yoga Warrior Challenge

Naval Medical Center San Diego/Mind Body Medicine Program 

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the United States Navy at Naval Medical Center San Diego, CA.  Along with working with the Sailors, I worked with the Marines. I was working in the Mental Health Department of the hospital with the Mind Body Medicine Program.  I was the one who introduce yoga and meditation to the servicemen/women.  I had a great time working with these amazing soldiers.  Here are some photos and video of the work I did with leading the Yoga Challenge and having the chance to bring yoga to a Military ship, USS ESSEX.  More stories to come, standby. 


Yoga Warrior Challenge Led by: Keri-Ann Laurito


Naval Medical Center San Diego

June 2, 2015 & September 13, 2016

Think yoga is easy? Think again!

Challenge your mind, body and spirit in a whole new way

and hold a position for 1-5 minutes.


Are you up to the challenge?

Giveaway for the first 50 to complete the challenge, plus prizes

for those who can hold the yoga poses longest.

NMCSD/Mind Body Medicine/MWR/ Navy Fitness 


Check-out the article from Naval Medical Center about me teaching yoga at the Hospital:





Video Footage and Photos from the past two events: 



Teaching yoga to the crew of the USS ESSEX at 32nd Street Naval Base San Diego.  

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