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Tulsi "Holy Basil" is a Ayurvedic herb used to calm the body.  At the time I was studying Ayurveda at Kripalu and the name was just perfect for him.  It is an unique name and he does know it very well.

Tulsi is a Maine Coon Mix rescue kitty. Born July 12, 2012 in Upstate New York.  I got him when he was no more than 2months old in 2012.  He went from fitting in the palm of my hand to a large "mountain lion"  within weeks!  He is now almost 10 years old weighing in at 18lbs and literally thinks he a dog/human.   We have had some amazing adventures together and have moved countless times.  He has also flown more than 8x's to California and back to New York.  He travels amazing well and loves being in his travel carrier.

Here are some of the photos of him over the years. 

They are too many to choose from but theses capture his unique personality.

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