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Credentials & Feedback 



Ice Chunks

Yoga with Keri~Ann
    "personalized yoga & wellness sessions"   




Bachelor of Arts in Holistic Health and Wellness 

Wellness Counseling Certificate from Cornell  University

Certified in Hatha/Vinyasa Yoga from Laughing Lotus


Certified Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist from Kripalu School of Ayurveda 


Warriors at Ease teaching yoga and meditation to the military


Anatomy Studies at Zenyasa Yoga & Wellness Center  


Cadaver Dissection Lab with Dr. Joseph Muscolino 


Studied Yoga and Ayurveda with Maria Garre and Scott Blossom


Yoga Instructor for Mind Body Medicine Program at Naval Medical Center San Diego


Registered RYT/E-RYT/YACEP with the Yoga Alliance

Yoga insured in Europe and America

   BLS/CPR/AED Certified





Feedback on Keri-Ann's Teachings


"I’m guessing you know how much I love your class. Even my husband has noticed that my balance is better (I am impossibly clumsy) and I showed him how my head can almost reach my feet in cobbler pose.

He was quite impressed."-J. Rose March 2022

"Keri-Ann offers a great variety of wellness classes centered around yoga and mindfulness. She has adapted her wellness classes to relate to your current environment and stress management.  Keri-Ann has been able to adapt her teaching to offer both in person and virtual wellness classes. 

Her communication is prompt and respectful."

- Management Review from Mirbeau Inn & Spa January 2022

"Keri Ann conducted a private yoga class for my friends and I during our mom's weekend away. There was varying levels of yoga experience in the room from "never taken a class" to "taken 10 classes or more". Keri Ann was able to tailor her program and poses to the range of experience levels in the room. In addition, Keri Ann was really in tune with what we needed to get out of the class which was basically a full body stretch and some serious stress relief. I would HIGHLY recommend Keri Ann. She was easy to work with, a pleasure to be around, and just an overall fantastic instructor."  -Laura, New York August 2019 (Yoga Soiree Birthday Party)

"Thank you again for everything last week. Everyone is still raving about what

an amazing time they had!

-Elyse C. New York, September 2017 (Company Retreat)

"Keri*Ann came to our rented home and taught a group of 7 of us for Yoga.

A mixed gender and mixed experienced group, Keri*Ann, quickly understood the particular energy of our group and aligned and personalized her lesson. She really made us feel as though she was having as much fun as we were! Keri*Ann was also super professional, punctual, and responsive prior to her coming.

I would definitely use her again!

- Steph B. New York, August 2017 (Wedding Party Soiree)

"It was fabulous! Everyone was singing your praises. I really appreciate you going with the flow with our group. It was perfect! Thanks so much :)

-Alissa D. New York, May 2017 (Wedding Party Soiree)


"Keri Anne is the sh*t I loved Keri Ann. She was welcoming and I felt like I could tell her anything, and I felt like she wasn't judging me, I opened up to her very quickly and I don't really do that with most people we started with basic stretches that I never even knew or tried in a yoga class it was very relaxing ,she put all her effort into showing me if I was doing it right even though she knew I was watching her she was making sure I was doing it right to we started out doing a lot of breathing exercises which I've been doing day by day and still feeling better I can't wait to see her again next Friday! Thank You Thumbtack for finding the perfect yoga teacher that fits my needs and to become more balanced."

-Kelly A. New York, January  2017


"There is such gratitude that wells up when I see you in my mind and recall your passionate work. You made the MBM program have a body that moved man--including me. New York meets San Diego....Civilian  meets Navy-Marines." 

-Ran W., LCSW Naval Medical Center San Diego, October 2016


"I really appreciated your teaching style, and your gentle personality."

- Lisa H., LCSW Naval Medical Center San Diego, October 2016


"Keri-Ann,Thank you so much for coming out to our clinic yesterday!  It was such as wonderful experience for our staff.  Hopefully it will help make us all better providers to our patients as we learn to take care of ourselves as well."

-Adeline O., PsyD LCDR USN NAVSTA, NMCSD, June 2016


"Keri-Ann and CDR Millegan,Thank you both so very much for helping FMH kick off our workplace wellness program. Our attendance was great and KeriAnn's class was very well received by the staff. We can't wait to have her back! She was awesome! Very much appreciate the support!"

- Shira M.,PsyD USN, June 2016


      "Keri Ann was everything I hoped she would be in a private yoga teacher. A gem!"

- Lynn S., May 2016


"Keri-Ann, I want to personally thank you for giving of your time and efforts for an outstanding hands-on workshop experience of yoga.  It added SIGNIFICANTLY to the summit experience and provided the critical experiential link to what we were discussing. This morning I received the following unsolicited e-mail from an attendee:'Thank you again for the best learning experience I've had at NMCSD to date.' 

-CDR USN Millegan, February 2016 


"Had a blast these last two weeks! Thank you for everything! You're an awesome teacher and I hope to be a good friend of yours one day. Brooklyn!!!"

-Kenny L., USN February 2016 


“I want you to know that it has been an absolute privilege to have known you for these past several months an even greater honor to have studied under for that time.  I think it’s really fucking cool and incredibly honorable the way that YOU serve our country and support our military.  It is refreshing to see a civilian have so much love and support for us and WANT to do what they can to help. “ 

– HM2 USN, September 2015


"Miss you Keri Ann!!!! BEST yoga teacher I've ever had the pleasure of working with!"

-Jackie R. June 2015


"Keri-Ann, thank you for the wonderful private session tonight. It was great sharing laughs and stories." -M.  April 2015


"The people seem to be speaking.  You're just too good." - J.M., March 2015


"The best yoga classes I have ever taken. I have always felt stronger and rejuvenated every class I've taken with her. She goes beyond just teaching the yoga poses to strengthen the body and followed the sessions with meditation that strengthened the soul." - Sian B.  October 2014 


"Slept like a baby last night thanks to restorative yoga with Keri-Ann Laurito! Thank you! Join her next week Monday @5pm or find a restorative yoga class in your area to release your stress;)"- Tara G. March 2014


"Its amazing what you can do with a little confidence and a great teacher. Thank you Keri-Ann Laurito." -Lori C. May 2013


"You did a great job. The guys that know said you are an outstanding instructor.  Thanks again."-L.P. & friends Yoga Retreat April 2013


"Best yoga instructor I've ever had the pleasure to work with. Classes were fun & effective. I wish you were still teaching somewhere near Kingston, NY-we miss you!" - Kristine, Kingston, New York February 2013


"Your class was great today- as always.  We are so lucky to have your skill set and gentility.  Everyone praises your class and your character- thank you."

- L.M., Poughkeepsie, New York January 2012


"Woke up this morning with a new attitude and feeling pretty good! All this from one yoga class last night--Keri-Ann your awesome!!!"

-Mandy, Poughkeepsie, New York December 2011


"Yoga today was awesome!!! You are a great teacher!"

-Gina, Beacon, New York November 2011


"I attended your Chakra Yoga Workshop at the Hyde Park Innerlight Spa a few months ago and I'm very much into it. I've talked highly about it to friends and family. Thanks so much!!" -Jackie, Hyde Park, New York November 2011 


"Your Wednesday morning class subbing for Yonah was outstanding. Thank You. What a pleasant surprise." -Joan, Poughkeepsie, New York November 2011 


"LOVE your classes, Keri-Ann! I feel complete"

-Deb, Hyde Park, New York September 2011


"We loved Keri-Ann's yoga class this morning. What a great way to start the day!"

-Kim S., Hyde Park, New York June 2011



"Thank you both so much... my back/shoulder /neck feel so much better today! You rock Keri Ann!"-Lorraine M., New York April 2010


"Neither snow nor wind nor freezing cold temps will keep me from my gentle yoga class."-Carol W. New York December 2009


"Thank you so much for all the wonderful classes.  We've enjoyed it immensely..."

-S.D. New York December 2009


"Thank you for a great introduction to what is now a life long interest....I can't tell you how much I appreciated the yoga and how much it has helped. I really was not that interested in the whole thing until we started to come to your ...."

M.B.-New York December 2009


"Thanks for the great classes."-Kristine C., New York  December 2009


"I have to say that I REALLY enjoyed your classes and you as a yoga teacher (and as a person!) introduced me into the practice of yoga and I thank you for that."

-Jamie H.,  New York  December 2009


"Thanks for all the great teaching at Tha Yoga Room-I'll remember it fondly- I really enjoyed taking classes there and I'll miss it--you created such a nice environment for practice."-Jill G., New York  December 2009


"The 5 days of Yoga I had with Keri Ann (in the lovely Italian mountain village of Casperia) were fantastic, inspiring and encouraging. I have practiced Yoga before but Keri Ann managed to motivate, encourage and challenge me to an extent that I am now even ore keen on working on my poses and actually believe that I can get to a higher level. She was great in teaching us, in monitoring us, but also realizing where the limits were. She is such a positive and energetic person that we even did not mind leaving our cozy home in pouring rain just to have another YOGA class!  Thus it was 5 fantastic days and I would try to go anywhere to do another course with her." - Brigette L., Prague May 2009

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