Yoga with Keri*Ann - "yoga the art of missing nothing"

Yoga with Keri*Ann

Keri-Ann Laurito, 
RYT/E-RYT/YACEP/Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist/
Mind Body Yoga Instructor 

Keri-Ann's teaching has led her to New York City, Ireland, Italy and San Diego where she was teaching to the Navy/Marines. She loves to travel and to meet new people from different cultures and the challenge of different yoga backgrounds. Her style, of Vinyasa/Hatha Yoga, is a fun and high-spirited flowing practice of that links the breath to the movement. Each class combines meditation, movement, spirituality, stretching, deep relaxation and alignment. Clients can expect clear and concise direction and interactions (adjustments) within her class. They will leave feeling completely relaxed and energized! 
She also works with Young Living Essential Oils to help deepen the overall experience. She combines her study of yoga and into a unique and very powerful session using aromatherapy techniques to further balance the body, mind, and spirit of her students.

Upcoming Workshop!

Introduction to Ayurveda & Yoga Workshop
With Keri*Ann

2917B Route 9W, Saugerties, NY

April 8 2:00pm-4:30pm Workshop is $35.00
RSVP is required please sign-up by calling: 845-247-7364
What is Ayurveda? "the knowledge of life."
Ayurveda, the science of life, is health system dating back 5,000yrs. Ayurveda uses the inherent principles of nature to help maintain health in a person by keeping the individual's body, mind, and spirit in perfect equilibrium with the balance use of food, herbs, oils, massage and yoga.
What is a dosha?
We are made up of the five elements: ether, air, water, fire, and earth. We can be one, two, and three of the doshas. At anytime one of the doshas may become unbalanced.

The workshop is a combination of information and a yoga practice so please wear layers and something to cover the eyes.

There is an information packet for you take home.

Exciting news!

Yoga with Keri*Ann 
will be giving a lecture on Mind Body Yoga at 

Good health is critical to academic success. 

Come join other Empire State College students from across New York state at the Student Wellness Retreat, April 6-8, 2017, at the Hilton Albany in downtown Albany, N.Y.

Registration is FREE for all students! 
The conference will feature personal wellness coaches, guest lectures and presentations, wellness activities and demonstrations, a health fair, health screenings, and more.

Yoga with Keri*Ann 
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